Conditions for purchasing on the internet site www.printed.it
After clicking “I confirm my order” the customer accepts without limitation and/or reservation our terms of sale. The internet site www.printed.it belongs to: Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V.A. snc, situated in Valverde (CT) Italia, Via della Regione n. 20. Fiscal Code and VAT registration number 03033070875.

1.1 “Terms of sales” means contract of sale concerning material personal property belonging to Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc, entered into between seller and buyer in a sale at a distance through a system of computerized instruments, organized by Tipolitografia F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc.
1.2 With the expression “buyer” we mean the person who actually buys, not referring to his business or profession.
1.3 With the expression “Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc.” We mean the subject who gives this information.
1.4 With the expression “internet site” we mean the computerized means www.printed.it when we do not expressly indicate the link.

2.1 Our internet site gives the opportunity to buy products on-line with personalized print on various materials. To use the service it is necessary to log-in to the internet site, filling in the form and specifying if you are buying privately or as a company, firm , society, self-employed, and specifying your nationality.
2.2 Prices are in euros plus VAT of the country or place of your log-in.
2.3 Prices may vary periodically.
2.4 Postage and packing are at customer’s expense; except for special offers advertised on the internet or pamphlets.

3.1 The customer can choose the products he can see in the various sections and put them in his trolley and can add, remove, change the quantities, etc. before and after authentication.
3.2 The pictures are only for information and can differ from the originals, unless you choose the pictures or drawings suggested by Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc.
3.3 Only for some products, after quotation and payment, the customer will be required to upload the file in the specially provided field.
3.4 The customer is responsible for the checking of contents, spelling and graphics of loaded files.
3.5 Considering “01. Recapitulation”, “02. Log-in”, “03. Addresses”, “04. Posting” and “05. Payment” after selections a detailed account of delivery and total expenses will be shown.

4.1 The customer can buy online and pay by bank transfer, by Paypal from all over the world and by Postepay only for Italy, Republic of San Marino and Vatican as indicated on the internet site.
4.2 All electronic payments procedures are communicated encrypted to the bank, with no access to third persons.
4.3 Purchased products will be made after payment and files loading in keeping with the regulations. Delivery will take time of production and forwarding.
4.4 It is necessary to include the order number in the description of payment for identification purposes.
4.5 The issued fiscal document will be loaded in the customer’s dedicated area. It is the customer’s care to access this area, print and keep the document.

5.1 All selling prices in the internet site are in euros and are on offer to the public in conformity with the art. 1336 c.c.
5.2 Prices are specified with and without VAT or other taxes.
5.3 Delivery costs and possible additional expenses (e.g. Customs clearance) will be paid by the customer.
5.4 Prices may vary without notice.

6) VAT.
6.1 22% VAT is applied only in Italy an in EU countries, except for EU companies with VAT registration number.

7.1 Files pictures to print, and permission to reproduce them, when necessary, are under customer’s responsibility.
7.2 The Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc. will only be involved in technical specifications and graphics compatibility with the products instructions.
7.3 The Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc is not responsible for unauthorized use of the images by the buyers or any other infringement of copyright by third parties.
7.4 The customer exonerates the Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc from any responsability towards third parties in case of violation of intellectual property right, image, honour, reputation, moral integrity offence, or any other property damage due to the printing of images and contents of the files loaded by the customer.
7.5 The Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc reserves to stop any order which clearly violates third parties’ rights.

8.1 The Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc checks format, dimensions, resolution, not converted in layout font, of white in overprint and drilling.
8.2 In case the file is not in conformity, the order will be blocked. The customer will be informed by mail or telephone and invited to reload new files. After that the file will go into production.

9.1 The Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc will check and analyse files graphically and aesthetically for the additional cost of €.3,00+VAT, only on customer’s demand. After payment the Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc will verify the graphics, the outlines, margins and distance from edge of print, back to front orientation, pdf file for editorial print requirements, books, magazines, pamphlets for eventual folds. Our thorough adjustment does not include page layout, spelling, nor photographs taken from catalogues, magazines, brochures and books.

10.1 Production times are indicated in the product’s section. If the customer does not load or replace the file within 15 days from the date of confirmation, the order will be cancelled and the customer will be reimbursed if he has already paid.
10.2 Times of production will start the day after confirmation or press proof approval.
10.3 Working days are from Monday to Friday to the exclusion of main holidays: January 1st, January 6th, April 25th, May 1st, June 2nd, August 15th, November 1st, December 8th, December 24th, December 25th,December 26th, December 31st, Easter Monday and holidays established by the Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc holydays are published in the home page.
10.4 The Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc is not responsible for delivery delays of any kind.

11.1 The customer has the right to cancel without giving explanations only if the Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc has not started the print working process of the product.
11.2 To assert the right to cancel the customer has to inform promptly the Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc via e-mail info@printed.it or fax +39 095 7210294. The customer will receive communication if the order has been blocked in time.
11.3 The Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A snc. will take care to refund payment made in advance. Refund will be made with the same means used by the customer.

12.1 The Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc will be exonerated from any responsibility for damages caused by printing mistakes in the file sent by the customer. Any defects or non-conformity with the characteristics indicated in the order and in the case of evident printing defects, The Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc pledges to reprint.
12.2 Refund or reprint requests must be made by the customer by sending photographic or written documentation, where required, within 3 days from receipt of the goods.

13.1 The Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc protects its customers’ privacy and data according to privacy regulations (Leg.dec. June 30/2003, n. 196).
13.2 The Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc gathers personal and fiscal data informatically with the purpose to register the order and proceed with the contract and its communications, besides law obligations, and also to allow us to fulfil the order in the best possible way (art. 24, comma 1, Leg. dec. 196/2003).
13.3 The Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc binds itself to process customer’s information and data with reserve not to reveal them to unauthorized persons, or use them for different aims. Data can be shown only by law (to the judiciary).
13.4 Personal data will be communicated only to the subjects deputed to fulfil the contract.
13.5 The customer has the rights that are asserted by leg. dec. art. 196/2003, that is to obtain:
a) Updating and rectification of data.
b) Anonymous cancellation, transformation or data blocking when they break the law.
c) statement that the operations a) and b) have been brought to the knowledge of those whose data have been communicated except in the case of impossibility. The customer has also the right to oppose improper use of his personal data.
13.6 Communication of personal data by the customer is necessary for a correct and prompt execution of the contract.
13.7 In any case, acquired data will be kept for a period of time which does not exceed the time necessary to complete the work. Their removal will be made safely.
13.8 Every request can be sent to the Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc which has gathered and processed your personal data.
13.9 The Tipolitografia dei F.lli Bonanno A. e V. A. snc is not liable for the contents of the requests or messages.

14.1 All printing works are labelled by our company brand name.
14.2 Glossy QSLs will be printed within the 30 working days following your proof approval.

15.1 Current terms of sales are under Italian law.
15.2 The Tribunale di Catania will be the place of jurisdiction in case of contentious procedure.
15.3 The terms of contract in the current clauses of sales are not retroactive to the revision date and they are meant to be accepted at the moment the order is placed, even if not subscribed.

Revision n. 2 – 10 January 2017